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Suffering Serious Genitals and Anal Aching

Posted on August 15, 2015 at 5:15 AM

As salamualykum

I am khadija. I am suffering serious black magic 10 years and many jinn’s problem that sent by magic by step grandmother. She feed serious poisons my mother after my birth. She is biggest witch and she learned it India’s Tripura only for harm my whole family and my uncle is maulana is black magician and also 2 aunt. These people works together for destroy my family. These person always come my home but my family don’t know their real intention. My family does not believe black magic but they do but too late.

They took my scarf, nail, hair, sweat dress & they made 5 voodoos doll by my sweat cloth of me and feed magic. To 2008, I went aunt house and they took me to a Indian Tripura magician, he took blood 3times cutting from my left hand’s small finger and after adding something + water in it magician give this blood drink for 14days and magician also done something with my left and right hand line from then my hand’s line have been fully changed and my life fully hell.

That magician give me with that blood many rapist devil Hindu jinn for 24hr sex, pushing sorcery & transfer information and these jinn’s remain all time inside my body even my prayer and recitation of Quran and my family know everything to this years. I know my all good luck is transferred to uncle’s daughter by that magician. She is my classmate.

I love ones for marry 2008 but my enemy took that person their daughter by magic and then I chose another for marry 2013 they took this person their same daughter. They also create bad relation between me and my parents. From then Parent’s behavior for me like step parents then my parents done much black magic on me by that magician’s. I went first of my varsity, my varsity authority offer for cse lecturer post to me but now no response.

They made me emotionless and useless and now my brain problem, now my life obstacles full. I saw dream every night is very strange. Now I suffering huge problems& feel pain in my body’s major parts such as full heart areas. They have done sorcery on my hair that my hair turns white color.

No one can treat me because my enemies group very powerful and they have limitless powerful bad jinn. Some day before a maulana treat me and kill 6 jinn from me but my step grandma and uncle sent more powerful devil 5 jinn they do all-time sex with me & feed sorcery me. Now I am very sick I can’t breathe properly cause of pain because they done on my heart, liver for die &always feel very heat with my body and around my body.

No one want to treat my problem because very powerful magic & my powerful enemy and powerful devil jinn’s. These jinn’s give all information time to time to my enemies. They kill my one sister before one year but symptoms similar with me.

Now I suffering serious genitals and anal aching even whole body but from childhood I never feeling sick .and these problem my out of imagine. All do not get well as long as sorcery blood with me. If someone helps me, then my enemies harm them.

They feed me in my dream everyday as alive blood sucking wom living in water and wet place and raw and rotten food and meat and menstrual bleeding cow dung and with dog’s food, menstrual blood& many others. I saw in dream: black 5 black dogs, black cat, fish, toilet, biggest snake, baby, fell down from high & my aunts & some stranger people sorcery on me.

No quranic verse work on me. All-time jinn remain inside me. All maulana give up me. My belly bloating and pain and crawling something in my whole body but I don’t know. Many maulana said it has no cure because magicians feeding & I went medical test my blood and full body but there are no problem...

Besides I have one name brother Mohammad ali. He loved my enemy’s girl. He has good relation my all enemies. He stays with me and my parents. Do sorcery on me be half of my enemy because property.. If I will die then he will get all property. But I do not want property in spite of they will kill me. They kill my father now my parents known all event& my parents said If I will die then he don’t give any property. My enemies choose my brother for their daughter only property but my poor brother does not realize it. Recently parents behavior suddenly changed .all time they will say all problem do by Allah.

Recently I have seen some dream that mean death will be happen presently.

Please help me and do a dua for me and please tell me what can I do now?

My brother did something at full moon from that they i totally stop my all ibadah .i don’t know why i can’t attain my ibadah from that day? i try best but i can’t. Please do me.He mix my recited water something from that every day and i know today. He get magic from my aunt and uncle and their magician at full moon day for my all fortune and attraction ,beauty transfer for my aunt’s daughter. from that my itching increase seriously at my lip, eye, anal, genital ,breast, under arms and under my throat and you say what can I should do now for me

31 may 2015 Today when I finished tahajjud and fajr prayer then I have a dreamt that I have pregnant and my mother abortion it and Everyone knew it of my society .my brother did it by police.

This month when I felt in diarrhea diseases . one day house was empty and I and my brother was home. parents left home for work 8am open the door of my bed room and then I felt asleep and get up 5pm.when I get up I felt very dizzy. My brother was home.

Today my left side under arms of left hand my burn marks and I thought this a person whom my brother bring home that day for my harm and he burn cigarette in my body under arms of left side . i think my hell brother made my videos by his friend .

For that this mark created is it true and my brother and sister getting fahim my beloved made porno video of me during my sleep please tell me or not you know then enough


before saw porno video fahim post everyday he love me from his heart 18 may 2015 and he want to come near me if i allow and did many post but after see video fahim did post but i cant understand why he did such post and he stop post and from 4 may full moon till now i cant attain my any ibadah and everyday my all enemy, my bloody hell brother ,sister together did so much serious black magic all night & day and spoil my recited quranic water and add serious black magic my all food for transfer all fortune,attraction, Opportunity and all good things from me to my hell greedy sister . now my greedy sister met fahim and talk every moment closing rooms door and my all enemy want it and made my greedy sis between fahim because of so serious black magic and satanism . because of so much Jealousy my all enemy want that made for luv between my greedy sis and fahim they do so much serious black on me day night . my brother give taka for makeover my sister

to meet my enemy knew only because my porno video can separate fahim from me. my all enemy hates me pity last they got success.and my total main enemy member 9 . they all my mother close relatives.


Now I am pregnant they did spell on it for birth and marry according their wish and my bloat and feel serious vomit and dizzy from 19 may and my bleeding getting off

They open my door by jinn as their desire and my brother every day made my video by many people

I ate medicine for bleeding but not because per time spell and I ate evey moment with everything their serious black magic




MY name: Khadija akter (roji)

Mother’s name:Latifa akter (beauty)


Tali office , tanir tank


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